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Lessons and Training

If you are interested in self-defense lessons, please feel free to contact Pedro Bennett.  He is offering private/semi-private and group lessons.  He is also available to seminars and clinics.


Why train with Pedro Bennett?

Pedro Bennett is an educator, he is in the business of educating.  He can identify one's ability to learn, and he modifies training to meet the needs of everyone's physical, mental, and emotional abilities.  The self-defense taught by Pedro is considered to be a practical method.  There are no rules; however, ethics and morality are taught in each lesson.  The training takes a non non-sense approach.  His method of self-defense could be considered essential for today's urban environment.  Why train for months and even years and realize that the training that you receive(d) does not meet the need of the current environment.  When training, one should take under consideration the totality of the need, the complexity, and effectiveness of the training.  When training in Venn Kempo Jujitsu Methods, one will adopt to the smoothness of the circular movements.

Pedro is Leadership/Educational Consultant, a martial artist and an Ex-Police Officer.

Contact Pedro Bennett if you are interested in training.  Venn Kempo Jujitsu, "The Art of Choice."

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Venn Kempojujitsu


Venn Kempo Jujitsu - Self Defense

Venn Kempo Jujitsu, when taught, is taught through the standpoint of understanding relative motion, mass, and displacement with the application of joint locks and trapping, strikes, throws, and chokes. As one trains and is elevated in ranking; stand-up and ground training is taught separately. Both are vital if self-awareness and situational needs are to be understood. 

Conflict Resolution

Control your workplace without violence.  The clinicis are designed to identify potential altercation with and without physical contact.  Violence is like a fire; it is constantly growing and is fed by the lack of the appropriate knowledge and interventions.  We might be able to control our anger or intention; however, the likelihood of controlling someone's else anger or intention is greatly reduced if we do not understand the basics of conflicts and resolutions. The clinics are essential for teachers, administrators, public and private agencies and corporations. It provides various scenarios that will test the participant’s knowledge of conflicts and resolutions. It will also give possible recipes that will assist in reducing the potential of various physical altercations.

Contact Pedro Bennett for additional information.

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